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Anna started tennis at the age of 10, and ever since then the sport has become a huge part of her life. As someone who was not particularly active, it was an opening into a whole different world. In 2020, Anna joined the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in France in hopes of further developing her love for both tennis and school.

Anna is passionate about expanding the sports community, and she believes that sports should not be limited by the lack of resources–which led to the creation of IsportU: a platform to help underprivileged, aspiring youths around the world discover their sport. In addition to all the training and competing that she does, Anna also loves learning, her favourite subject being Biology. Her hobbies include drawing and photography. 

Through Global Goals, Anna hopes to spread the three core objectives of IsportU: awareness, equity, and communities, and to bring out a generation of advocates for this initiative–a cause she believes is not emphasized enough today. 

In the future, Anna aims to pursue a joint academic and real world strategy through IsportU and like-minded individuals in the community to bring sports into the world of charity and sustainability.   

Anna KOH: Team Members
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