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Based in Kuwait, Sachit Srivastava is a 18 year old youth advocate for, through advancing the intersectionality of computer science, artificial intelligence, music and game development, driving innovation and inclusion in mental health technology. 

Since he was young, he has been at the forefront of taking up responsibilities and doing his best in whatever he does. This trait has taught him to complete any task at hand efficiently and communicate, collaborate and lead to success whenever required. He also firmly believes that respecting each other's point of view and making everyone on the team feel heard is one of the essential traits for a team player. 

As he progressed into high school, he has furthered developed his interest in computer science and game design through multiple summer courses, including collegiate level computer programming at New York University, and internships, one of which included being the project manager and leading the team responsible for designing a prototype for 'Uber Teens’. 

For the work Sachit has done in integrating computer science and mental health to support his peers in seeking mental health equilibrium, he was invited to co-curate the annual Forever Youth Festival, organized by an UN-accredited NGO ‘AWAWA’ at the UN Global Goals Week 2022. 

In the future, Sachit aims to support his school to take up at least one UN SDG, such as SDG 3 on Good Health and Well-Being, and work towards solving the issue of teenage mental health through his Future of Mental Health Tech 4.0 initiative. 

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