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Guangsi Bailey Yu is a 17 year old advocate for Educational equality, Rural district development and youth self discovery, and he wishes to advance collective action through founding social enterprises such as Sounds of Nurture, co-organizing global youth-led global events such as Global Goals Week 2022 and conducting independent research on science and music subject matters. 

When he was twelve, he was made to play the trumpet in his middle school brass band

because of the mandatory music program. At first, he didn’t really enjoy the instrument. He was

however astounded by a Louis Armstrong song “Stormy Weather” that came on the

car radio on a rainy day. The bright mesmerizing voice of the trumpet inspired his

passions for music.

He came to the realization that songs and melodies have the power to inspire people,

guide their actions, and aid in the formation of identities. Music can unite people –

even if absorbed in solitude, capture one’s imagination and boost creativity. A person

who has been affected by music is not alone. They are among the masses trying to

find their role in society and form connections with others.

To further his impact, he founded SON, Sounds of Nurture, which aims to promote educational equality. SON is guided by the INSPIRE framework, a 7-Step plan through designing a peer-to-peer community, empower youth to rediscover a passion for self-discovery.

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