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Sonia Annika

Hong Kong SAR

Sonia Annika Wang is a 12 year old student residing in Hong Kong SAR. 

Her most memorable growing up story is traveling to many countries at a young age and experiencing many cultures. He remembers going to Paris and London when she was 3 or 4.

Her current favorite subjects are Math and English. She participates in her school's Art club and culinary arts CCA.

Outside of school, she likes to do Ballet, and during vacations she likes to go skiing and horseback riding.

If she had to choose a global issue to address, the one that upsets her the most is climate change. If people continue to damage the environment the way they are right now, despite knowing that they are wrong, we will not have a planet to live in in 20 years. Adults always tell we kids that there are consequences for everything we do, yet they do not live by the same rules.  

When she is older, she would like to focus on mental health to make an impact. There need to be more than therapists who focus on the importance of mental health in order to have more sustainable communities in the future.  

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