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Improving #QualityofLife Since 2015


Telomeres Rejuvenation Program 3.0

Approved Program

Since 2000, more than USD 100 billion has been spent collectively towards research and development of drugs, both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical, curing life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Even then, the success rate of these drugs on average, as measured by the industry standard of five-year survival rate, is 30-40% for early detection and 5-15% for late detection. 

In the same period, less than USD 10 billion has been allocated towards regenerative medicine and its proven scientific ability to prevent or delay the onset of such life-threatening diseases. 

It is time we take charge and change this development path for health. Welcome to our human clinical trial (now into final Phase 3) whereby a group of German and Taiwanese scientists have taken an approved, non-pharmaceutical and cancer-treating drug, and converted its formula towards preventive healthcare purposes.

Nobel Prize Research

Please download to read the general background information in relation to the Nobel Prize winning research on telomeres

Consent Form

Please download to be informed of Program 3.0 (contain all relevant information) and complete accordingly.

Blood Test Sample

Please download the complete blood check (CBC) parameters. Blood tests submitted must include these general parameters.

Recommended Clinics

Please download the list of recommended clinics based on geographical region, along with their associated health check plan

After the informed registration form is signed and the complete blood check test is done, please proceed to here for the registration into the Telomeres Rejuvenation Program 3.0.


Mitochondrion Activation 2.0

Clinical Trial

Program (1.0) is closed for registration. Program (2.0) is expected to launch in 2H 2023.


Cancer Marker Diagnostics 2.0

Clinical Trial

Program (2.0) is closed for registration. Program (3.0) is expected to launch in 1H 2024.

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