Over the past few years, Psychology gained more influence. This could be because of the growing awareness on the importance of emotional health, the decreasing stigma around the concept of mental health as celebritities speak out on mental health, or the increasing level of stress in rapid developing world. However, the age-specific activities, alterations in family structures, the breakdown of social structures, and policy interventions of services that solely target groups all leads to separation of older and younger generations in society. This results in more intergenerational conflicts and ultimately leads to decreased wellbeing of the general public. 

To resolve such conflicts, communication between generations is crucial. Awareness campaigns and education workshop should be held to promote wellbeing across generations and increase awareness on topics with an intergenerational lens. By addressing common problems or issues that individuals may face on a regular basis, such workshop could give participants to interact with people of various generations and share their insights and thoughts on the resolution of mental health. Participants of different generations could spark new takes on dealing with the problem – young people can bring refreshing view of the changing world with creativity and enthusiasm while the older generation can offer wise advice from their rich past experience, talents and skills. 

Different events should be organized to foster connections between different generations. For instance, planting trees, having picnic, having a book club / tea club. During all the different events, people can communicate and exchange thoughts, experience, improve the understanding between generations. Communities should be formed to reduce loneliness and isolations. In addition to that, having led many projects previously, she knows that making the project appealing and important is crucial as it can encourage more people to join. Therefore, awareness campaigns need to be held and promoted on various social medias.