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Vladislav Pavlovskii is a senior at Physics Technical Lyceum in Russia. Growing up in Yakutsk, he recalls witnessing his city clouded in smoke from forest fires. He is focusing on IT, Physics and Journalism to gain the know-how and experience to tackle problems such as climate change, cyber security and disinformation. Vladislav is a leader of the lyceum's team in mathematical modeling, state competitions winner and International Mathematical Modeling Challenge participant. He is 2nd in mathematics and 4th in programming regional competitions, 3-time participant in the International Tuymaada Olympiad in programming.

In his free time, Vladislav makes videos for his YouTube channel, covering ecological and technological topics. He also wants to contribute to the problem of wildfires, creating ReForestAI, and aims to create a new future for forest fire forecasting through software development. This requires not only computer scientists, but also biologists, specialists in chemistry, physics. 

He aims to pursue an interdisciplinary academic and experience-based approach at university and beyond to reach this goal.

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