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Yutong Linda


Yutong Linda Lin is a secondary school student originally from Australia who has recently moved to the United States. She is empathetic to her surroundings, dedicated to lead change and embodies high emotional skills through her introspective nature and musical background. She has a wide range of interests including political science, economics and sociology. 

Growing up, Linda has been privileged enough to have encountered numerous opportunities to explore her passions and interests. With curiosity being an intrinsic part of her personality, she had overwhelmingly high and unrealistic intentions to involve herself with all projects and possibilities presented to her. However, throughout this process, she was able to realize the detrimental effects of being unable to sincerely commit to a few core interests, which has previously limited her potential to make tangible change. 

Linda is focused on using her knowledge and experiences to aid the solution process of wider, global problems which are relevant under the status quo. She is deeply passionate about activities, legal studies, political science, history as well as economics, all of which are central topics that provide a scope of social structures and how justice and necessary change may be facilitated. Furthermore, she is also a classical musician with a strong love for the piano and clarinet. Currently studying under faculty members at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, she is an active member of numerous music ensembles and orchestras as well as a solo performer. During her free time, she enjoys reading, attending concerts and fencing or simply playing an instrument. 

Looking ahead, Linda aims to shape a world order, through the spirit of social innovation and entrepreneurship, where all are able to flourish emotionally and economically, and in adherence to legal regimes. She believes human potential is limitless, like a composition which constantly explores endless combinations of harmonic and tonal qualities, with lyrical characteristics ranging from those of the Baroque period to the newly innovated techniques of the modern age - unpredictable yet always remaining inherently euphonious.

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