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Rintaro Kobayashi is the Founder and CEO of The Next Policy Institute. 

When he was six, the Great East Japan earthquake happened, and a big nuclear disaster was greatly reported. At that time, many people claimed their opinions on politics, and he noticed that political opacity can spark a storm of controversy. 

He then founded an international politics institute, The Next Policy Institute. It aims to educate and focus attention on the relationship between data and politics. Their activities are conducting research on new policymaking approaches like EBPM and interviewing politicians to study actual policies.

Rintaro actively works as CEO, and he published some papers and interviewed the Minister of the Japanese government.

His final goal is to improve the transparency of politics based on the analysis of objective evidence and provide environments where governments can explain why they formulate the policy clearly. To achieve this goal, he is aspiring to study statistical analysis, evidence-based policymaking, and the implementation of scientific knowledge in policy-making fields. This requires an interdisciplinary approach, and he aspires to learn about Computer Science, Politics, and Economics at universities.

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